About Elizabeth Denton

“I have always loved everything artistic for as long as I can remember from photography, interior design, graphic design, painting, mixed media, and Ceramics.”

Ceramic Artist Elizabeth Denton combines her Feng Shui expertise with her aesthetic style to create one of a kind contemporary art pieces. Each sculpture is inspired by Nature and  designed intentionally with the five natural elements Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire  in mind. Elizabeth became impassioned with the medium of clay during a trip to Iceland where she was overwhelmed by the absolute Aaah and beauty of Nature. It is a piece of Icelands landscape that some of her textures and inspiration derives.

Elizabeth describes her work in this way:

“When I work with clay, I am grounded and in a good space. I believe it is important as an artist the pieces I create have good energy. When I work with the clay I am mindful how my energy can impact each piece, it’s important that I stay positive and in a place of joy and wellbeing.

My love of nature, Feng Shui, Home, and the energy that intertwines is the Basis of my creative process. “

Elizabeth infuses energetic intention encompassing her natural healing abilities her creative talent and wisdom into her Zen stacks to balance the delicate natural energy of the home, office or outside space.   Each piece is intended as a beautiful reminder to have balance in one’s life.

Growing up in the Napa Valley, Elizabeth feels most at home surrounded by beauty and luxury. Early on Elizabeth’s creativity began taking root through art classes in high school.  Elizabeth has always expressed herself creatively in her decorative and personal style; sharing her creativity with friends and family through her creative process in one of a kind inspired art pieces given as gifts. Now Elizabeth is marketing her beautiful pieces to share with a greater audience.

Elizabeth is an entrepreneur at heart and spent the last 20 plus years growing a very successful business in the Napa Valley that she lovingly let go of to follow her dreams. Elizabeth’s artistry has blossomed since Living and Creating in the Beautiful waterfront town of Benicia since 2015.

Creative energy is innate in Elizabeth and when it comes to her physical surroundings she enjoys having beautiful meaningful objects that enhance the energy of a space.  With over a decade of experience in Meditation and Clairvoyant training from Berkeley Psychic Institute and Intuitive Way in Walnut Creek, Elizabeth takes the energy within and surrounding us in consideration with her creative processes.

About art, Elizabeth says:

“I have always loved everything artistic for as long as I can remember from photography, interior design, graphic design, painting, mixed media, and Ceramics.”

Elizabeth has Studied Ceramic Sculpture at Diablo Valley College along with private instruction from Takemi Tsuruta.

Elizabeth is Certified in Classical Feng Shui from the International Feng Shui School and Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Corte Madera and incorporates her healing and energetic work into her sculptural pieces so that they may enhance and elevate the vibration of homes, offices and outdoor spaces.

It is hard not to feel the healing creative energy which flows from each piece.